I am an independent curator (b.1989 in Tallinn, Estonia) with a base in London, Tallinn, and elsewhere where my inquiry leads me. I hold an MFA in Curating from Goldsmiths College and between 2014-18 I was Co-Founder and Co-Director of the curatorial studio Jupiter Woods in SE15, where I produced numerous exhibitions, discursive events, residencies and off-site projects. I've been drawn to work with the cūra and cūrō within the curatorial, exploring the practice in relation to its Latin etymological roots pointing to attention and healing.  Perhaps the questions I feel called to explore within my work form part of a wider spiralling of energy, rising to balance the exhaustion and alienation caused by extractivist approaches to natural resources and, as a reflection, the manipulation of our own bodies and the creativity that springs forth from within. As a curator, I'm wondering how to hold space for a deeper, holistic, and cyclical conception of creativity to take hold within the community of contemporary art and culture in which I have my grounding. Drawing from creative therapies, somatic practices, deep ecology, ritual healing and sustainability studies, I hope to create the conditions for embodied experiences and bring attention to the value of subtle movement and hidden processes alongside visible productions.

In 2018-19 I’m engaged in a yearlong R&D project, supported by the Developing Your Creative Practice grant from Arts Council England, unveiling connections between art practice, therapeutic process and environmental awareness. Thinking through the notion of recovery – what are we recovering from; what are we called to recover – I’m looking at how creativity is activated within various therapeutic modalities and how the space for such activities is held. I’m following the feeling that one of the aspects in need of recovery, in the context of an extractivist culture, is an appreciation for the cyclical nature of creativity, in which times of dormancy support times of growth. Thus I’m allowing this R&D project to move mindfully through the seasons, observing their effect on my body, the pace it gives for the movement of thoughts, remaining open to what a specific time of the year and the place in which I am embedded have to say about the topic and methods of inquiry.