Let the field of your attention.. soften and spread out


21 September - 1 December 2019 (forthcoming)
Kai Art Center, Tallinn

Marie Kølbæk Iversen
Sandra Kosorotova
Pia Lindman
Andrea Magnani
Elin Már Øyen Vister
Carlos Monleon Gendall
Sam Smith
Nele Suisalu

Arriving into the body, do I feel restless or tired? What holds tension, pain? Then, noticing the quality of the bay, of tidal movement, of weather, as the sun sets into the Baltic Sea. Noticing my body’s native capacity to resonate with other bodies and with the living land. We gather intimately to be with what is difficult, to witness movement and be moved. Listen, what emerges from the yet unseen and unsaid? What are we recovering from and what are we called to recover?

Situated at the intersection of creativity and healing, the exhibition features artists whose practices span visual art, moving meditation, deep listening, contemporary dance, writing, textile, and traditional medicinal knowledge. The title references an exercise in the book A Widening Field: Journeys in Body and Imagination (2004), composed by dancer, Alexander teacher, and craniosacral therapist Miranda Tufnell and installation artist Chris Crickmay. Similar to the book, the exhibition considers the creative arts through an emphasis on receptivity to our bodies and our surroundings. An invitation to gather through different registers of visibility, from small-scale private moments to those more public. The undercurrent of its curatorial choreography is one of attentiveness to the ways in which the seasonal transition towards darkness and dormancy inherent to late autumn and early winter in Estonia may affect our bodies, inner lives, and how we come together. 

The project is part of Tallinn Photomonth, an artist led biennial of contemporary art and visual culture in Tallinn, and is the inaugural show of Kai Art Center.